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Abortion Pill / RU486 (Mifepristone)-Florida (US)

The abortion pill, also known as RU486, has been widely and safely used in the United States for years. It is FDA-approved as a method of medical abortion.1 The brand name for RU486 is Mifeprex, and its generic name is mifepristone. To use RU486, you must see a medical professional.

Using the abortion pill involves a two-step process that involves taking two different medicines that work to end a pregnancy. It is important to note that the abortion pill is not the same thing as the morning-after pill. buy generic ru486 online without prescription.

How Do You Use RU486?

If you choose to use the abortion pill, there are three steps in the process:

First, at your healthcare provider’s office or medical clinic, you will be given RU486 (mifepristone) to take by mouth. You may also be asked to take an antibiotic at this time.
Next, 24 to 48 hours after taking the mifepristone, you will need to take a second medicine by mouth, usually at home. It is called misoprostol. Make sure that your healthcare provider gives you instructions on how and when to take the misoprostol.
Last, after about two weeks, you will need to have a follow-up appointment with your healthcare provider. This is very important because your practitioner will make sure that the abortion pills have worked. Your healthcare provider will probably give you a blood pregnancy test or an ultrasound to make sure you are no longer pregnant.
If the abortion pill didn’t work, your healthcare provider will discuss your options with you. You may need an additional dose of medication or a procedure to complete the abortion. buy cytolog online at good discount in Texas.

How It Works

RU486 blocks the progesterone receptors in your body. Progesterone is the hormone responsible for causing the uterine lining to build up and prepare for pregnancy. The mifepristone causes the lining of your uterus to shed—so your pregnancy can no longer continue because the egg will have nothing to stay attached to.
2 Then, the misoprostol will cause uterine contractions. This allows your uterus to be emptied. buy abortion pills online at cheap price in Texas.

RU486 Side Effects

You should expect to feel some side effects after using the abortion pill.1

These can include:

  • Cramping
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Heavy bleeding (there may be large clots in the blood)
  • Stomach pain
  • Fatigue
  • Mild fever or chills on the day you take the misoprostol


  • Effective
  • Less intrusive to the body than surgical abortion
  • Considered by some people to be a more natural abortion option since it feels similar to a miscarriage
  • Private
  • Can be used early in a pregnancy

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